Get Good, the Ninja Book: The Debut Comes in Bookstores and Digital Stores

Ninja's Debut on Mixer

” I played my whole life and played professionally for 10 years. Everything I learned is summarized in my first book .” So one of the most famous streamers in the world announced the official debut of his book.

Get Good, Ninja’s book focuses on a multitude of topics dedicated above all to achieving success in gaming, explaining the importance of using the right peripherals, how to communicate with the team and etc.

The most popular streamer in the world, recently switched from Twitch to Mixer (his channel already boasts over 1.5 million subscribers and two million followers on the platform), he also reminded everyone that his book is “more like a reference point “, which must be” used, not just read and then put on the shelf.”You can watch it when you have questions or you feel stuck “.

“See it from time to time to see if you learn something new. Write down your notes on the pages you find particularly useful. 

In short, Get Good seems to want to sell itself as a definitive survival guide for the world of video games and streaming. Who knows, maybe one day some young streamer won’t be able to steal his crown thanks to his book.