Is the Fire on Sea of ​​Thieves Coming? a Rare Developer Lets Slip a Detail

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James Thomas, developer of Rare and in this case lead engineer of Sea of ​​Thieves, just can’t keep his mouth shut. In the past, some details about the game had been missed, revealing, for example, the arrival of parrots by mistake.

“Somehow the parrots have learned to swim,” he said, arguing that the team had designed Sea of ​​Thieves pets so they would not follow the player in the water, effectively confirming the arrival of such animals. As a result, Rareprevented him from participating in live streams for six months.

And just this week, in the first stream in which he participated after the ban, he came back to us, implicitly confirming the arrival of a new element like fire.

“I think the most important thing we announced that will come soon is fire, so I hope there is something for you …” James began to say, before being quickly interrupted by co-streamer Andrew Preston, senior designer of the game.

This time, however, Rare seems to have taken it well, as can be seen from a tweet from the same company, which jokes with continuous puns that refer to fire, as you can see at the bottom of the news.

Of course, nothing is known yet about the new mechanics, nor how it will work, nor when it will be revealed, but there will probably not be much to wait for to know some news. Just follow James Thomas, right? We joke of course.