Keighley: Death Stranding’s Multiplayer Has Not yet Been Fully Understood

Death Stranding

Death Stranding, the new ambitious and mysterious project on which Hideo Kojima continues to work relentlessly in his studies, he returned to show himself in great style at the end of the Opening Night Live held by Geoff Keighley at the GamesCom 2019 in Cologne.

Just the Canadian conductor, by now esteemed and appreciated by the community of gamers for his efforts lavished on elevating and exalting our medium, spoke of the online multiplayer components present in Death Stranding, to which we could give a very first look during the recent video gameplay shown by Kojima. Speaking to, Keighley said that, according to his opinion, the players have not yet had the opportunity to fully understand the potential of the new Kojima Productions online action game:

“What you are doing with the online aspects, I think people are not completely ready for what they are doing. And if you remember, even during the Opening Night Live we talked a lot about how everyone, you know, can pee on the mushroom and this then will get bigger I mean, it’s silly and fun, but you have to take that concept and think about how this applies to everything you do in the game, with this kind of connected world and this link between the players … People say “Oh, this is Kojima, it’s so silly and crazy.” But think about how this applies to everything you’re doing in Death Stranding … 

And again, I think what’s building is not a simple game single player, with these kinds of online components. I think that over time it will discuss it in more depth. But I’m really excited about the idea that people realize what’s in the game. And yet, I don’t even understand it completely, because there is so much to do. But, you know, he is operating at a level so different from the others, with this story of the child and all the other follies … “