Microsoft Has Also Listened to the Conversations of Xbox Users With Cortana

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Even Microsoft has recently been involved in the scandal of private conversations of users listened to by its employees to improve their voice assistants, as already happened for Apple, Amazon, and Google, widely criticized for this practice.

As we told you, Microsoft listened to Skype conversations and user interactions with Cortana. It seems, however, that even Xbox owners, who may interact with the console thanks to the voice commands given to Cortana herself, did not escape the ears of their employees.

In fact, it is possible to give voice input after issuing commands like “Xbox” or “Hey Cortana”, but according to some Microsoft employees, recordings were sometimes triggered inadvertently.

According to the sources, the fact would even go back to before the arrival of Cortana, who was also removed from Xbox One in July, given that the console could already be connected to a device like Kinect. Microsoft’s reaction was not long in coming, who understandably wants to try to avoid the negative reactions of its audience, as happened to the other large companies mentioned above. Apple and Google have suspended listening to recordings, for example.

The Redmond giant has defended its position by claiming to have been clear for a long time about the collection of voice data from its customers, adding, however, that it will work to resolve issues and concerns regarding privacy.

“We have always been clear on the collection of voice data to improve our services, and that these data are sometimes listened to by our staff. We have recently updated our privacy policies to add further clarity to the fact that some people sometimes listen to this data as part of our product improvement process. We always ask for the customer’s permission before collecting data, and we take precautions to make the voice samples seen to protect people’s privacy unidentifiably, and we require that to handle such data, we abide by higher legislative standards concerning privacy.we are actively working on additional precautions to be taken to offer customers more transparency and more control over how their data is used to improve products “.

What do you think of Microsoft’s statements? Are you worried about your privacy, or are you interested in the question of voice assistants?