Microsoft Would Still Like to Bring the Game Pass on All Platforms

Xbox Game Pass

After having brought the Game Pass on PC, and after the various rumors spread especially in the period of E3 2019 that referred to a possible landing of the Game Pass on Nintendo Switch, Microsoft ‘s dream of bringing its service on different platforms is still well alive.

It is indeed a great success for the Redmond giant, which was highly appreciated by its customers and aficionados, also given the opportunity to make certain titles, even quite important, available from day one.

Logical therefore that Microsoft continues to focus on the Game Pass and that indeed, would still like to see it in the future land on all platforms. Ben Decker, head of the video game company, spoke about this in a recent interview:

“You know, we would like to see the Game Pass on all platforms at the end, and I think it’s a long-term goal. We don’t have specific plans for it today, but we would really like the Game Pass to come everywhere.”

Now it’s time to see if Sony and Nintendo will be in favor of making Microsoft’s vision for the future of gaming come true. What do you think? Do you think it is realistic to assume the arrival of the Game Pass on other platforms? And above all, would you like it?