Monster Hunter World: Iceborne The New Trailer Shows Barioth in Action

Monster Hunter World

When there is very little left to the arrival of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the highly anticipated expansion of the game has shown itself in a new video, as Capcom has long accustomed us to. The new movie introduces a fearsome creature that we will find in the icy tundra.

We are talking about Barioth, a white whale with generous dimensions and enormous tusks, which uses its powerful forelimbs and its tail to pass through the snow and ice with ease. It is just the latest creature shown to us by Capcom, which in previous videos had already shown us other monsters of Monster Hunter World Iceborne in action, with several posts on Twitter.

As mentioned, the game is approaching great strides, as the release of Monster Hunter World, Iceborne is scheduled on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for September 6th. On Pc instead we will have to wait a little longer, and the game will arrive on this platform starting from January 2020.