New Battlefield 5 Modes, Dice Is Rethinking and Blocking the Development of 5 vs 5 Challenges

Battlefield 5

In the new Battlefield 5 development diary, EA DICE head producer Ryan McArthur announces that he has decided to block work on one of the multiplayer modes announced by Swedish authors in recent months, namely the 5-on-5 competitive challenges.

In the open letter addressed to all fans of the Electronic Arts shooter, McArthur explains that “the attention we want to keep on improving the quality of the overall gaming experience and adding new content desired by our fans has led us to do a step backward compared to our original 5-on-5 competitive plans. Failing to implement this mode was a difficult but essential choice, it will help us to reach our goals of breaking down bugs and adding new content more quickly. to develop a competitive game experience in Battlefield 5”.

The end of the development of this modality required by many competitive multiplayer FPS fans, to listen to the BFV producer, will not change the company’s vision: “This choice will allow us to focus on other aspects of the Battlefield 5 competitive experience and we believe our players will love what we are creating for them, we want to provide new ways to enjoy some of our most appreciated modes “ .

To pay attention to McAthur, then, during Chapter 5 of Battlefield 5 which will be available this fall on PC, PS4 and Xbox One we should see the entry of new competitive multiplayer modes that will be accessible both in the maps already present and, presumably, in those set on the fiery beaches of Iwo Jima to cross one of the fundamental stages of the Pacific War .