Nintendo Switch Lite: The First Line of Officially Licensed Accessories for Sale

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NintendoLife colleagues inform us that the well-known manufacturer HORI has launched the first series of Nintendo Switch Lite accessories made under the official license of the Kyoto company in the United States.

The product line presented by HORI covers every need of the future purchasers of the portable console of the Grande N with accessories which, it should be noted given the recent diatribe on the problems of Switch, all boast the Nintendo “quality mark”.

Both on the official website of HORI and on the pages of Amazon’s US store it is possible to buy the film for the console screen, a wide selection of covers and protective cases in materials such as polycarbonate and plastic or the travel case in different colors launch of Switch Lite.

The company has also decided to remedy the absence of the dock in the packaging of Nintendo’s next portable console with its own dock with multiple functions, from charging the battery of Switch Lite to the possibility of connecting other controllers via two USB ports. The small size of the HORI dock also makes it perfect for use on the road. At this point, we just have to wait to find out if HORI’s product line will also be available in Europe just in time for the launch of Nintendo Switch Lite, which we remember to be scheduled for September 20th.