No Man’s Sky Beyond: Guide and Tricks for Building Bases

No Man's Sky Beyond

Among the many new features introduced by Beyond, the new update of No Man’s Sky has expanded the possibilities of base building. In this mini-guide we will give you a series of useful tips to build the basics in the Hello Games space game, taking into account the latest additions.

Below we explain everything you need to know to build the foundations in No Man’s Sky Beyond, giving you some tips to do it in the best possible way.

How to build a base

To understand how to build a base in No Man’s Sky Beyond, just follow the tutorial in the game. The basic steps to build a base are the following:

  1. Landing on a planet.
  2. Building a Computer Base.
  3. Place the Basic Computer.
  4. Press the appropriate button to start building.

If you do not have a Computer Base, you will need a Portable Refiner that requires 40 units of Chromatic Metal, initially refillable starting from 80 Copper units (going forward you will find metals with a cheaper color transformation ratio).


If you want to get back to your base quickly, make sure you build a teleportation portal. This will allow you to reach your base from any other portal, including those in space stations. As long as you stay in the same galaxy, you can return to any base that has a portal.

Construction limits

The Beyond update has expanded the possibilities of the No Man’s Sky base building, reducing its limits, which are now the following:

  • You can build anywhere inside a 150 unit cube centered around the Computer Base.
  • Each base is limited to 3,000 components.
  • You cannot have more than 20,000 components in all your bases.
  • You can work around these limits by building two joined bases, one next to the other. Technically they will be two separate bases, but visually they will appear to form a single base.

If you run out of space, you can delete the bases in the Computer Base. When you do this, everything will be erased and placed in a basic rescue capsule.

Tips for building the bases

  • Build a save point. This is the only way to manually save the game. (You can still save automatically by entering and leaving your ship)
  • Build the foundation in a system with multiple types of planets. This will facilitate the collection of resources.
  • Don’t go and destroy the resource deposits near your base. You can build stand-alone mining units that automatically generate the resource type without destroying the deposit.
  • Build on planets that have no adverse weather conditions. This will save you a lot of time.

By following these tips, therefore, you will be able to build your bases more easily and with fewer limits.