PS5 Design: Codemasters Artist’s Testimony on the Dev Kit Has Been Canceled

Sony and the Nextgen: Backward Compatibility Will Be the Key to PS5's Success

The history of the PlayStation 5 Dev Kit spread from the Dutch site Let’s GO Digital is complicated and discovered through a patent filed by Sony Corporation in mid-August. In the past few hours, a Codemasters Senior Artist has confirmed the veracity of the image, but there is one though.

In a Tweet, Matthew Stott of Codemasters confirmed the existence of the PS5 Dev Kit and even saw some in the offices of the English software house. The message, however, is now deleted without apparent motivation and Stott himself has not released further clarifications, merely deleting the post in question.

Could Matthew have revealed information under the NDA? Or didn’t his message correspond to the truth and Codemasters is not actually in possession of the PlayStation 5 Dev Kit? It is difficult to say precisely, but many people think that the device in question could be a fake or a simple design test for other Sony branded products.

Surely, we reiterate, the one shown in the patent will not in any way be the final design of the next console of the Japanese house, it is a concept that is too ” pushed ” to be mass-produced on a huge product like PlayStation 5.

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