Steam Is About to Debut in China With a Separate Marketplace

Prototype, Ride 2 and Steep Among the Offers of the Steam Week

Steam is preparing to officially arrive in China. What will arrive in the immense eastern country, however, will not be the marketplace to which we are accustomed? Valve has collaborated with Perfect World to create an almost totally independent version of Steam from the main one, which will be called Zhengqi Pingtai ( Steam Platform ).

The creation of an independent store will allow Gabe Newell’s company to adapt much easier to the strict laws imposed by the Chinese government. In the past, for example, Steam ended up under investigation because of the violent and explicit contents of many games it hosts in its catalog: a stand-alone marketplace will provide Valve with greater control over this type of product.

According to Xiao Hong, CEO of Perfect World, Steam China will be tailor-made for Chinese users, will have high-speed servers and will be led by a team of capable and attentive operators. The launch date is still unknown, but it was revealed that at the debut the catalog will consist of about 40 titles, among which will be DOTA 2 and DOTA Underlords.