Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Leffen’s Advice for Becoming Champions

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The young Swedish champion, winner at the last Super Smash Con, produced a video of over eight minutes thanks to the SoloMid Team in which he explains some secrets that led him to success in the Nintendo brawler.

Tricks and tips that obviously worked for him but could also come in handy for any novice player.

” These suggestions are for anyone trying to improve in any competitive game .” The first piece of advice is to ” play many titles and play lots of games as often as possible”. “The people looking for the solution in the videos look for a shortcut “, while, ” to succeed you have to try and try again. Experience “.

Leffen also recommends ” going to tournaments “. Going to organized Super Smash tournaments is the key to improving.

Not only that: you also have to look at game VODs. This is a more advanced suggestion for players who have played a lot and want to take their game to the next level. By evaluating the films, you can identify errors, learn from your opponents.

” Look what others are doing, watch your games after losing, after winning … no one will turn you into a good player. You will have to learn for yourself. If you go to tournaments you will quickly see that you are not the best just because you beat your friends. You will have to watch the games … “.

For Leffen, then, it’s important to learn how to manage stress and nervousness. ” This is not just a problem for Smash players,” Leffen explained. “People are always nervous. Even the best athletes are nervous ”. According to Leffen, the important thing is to know how to ask others how to deal with risk situations.

When taking a break or how to concentrate before a game will give you an advantage over your opponents.

The last advice the player gives is more general: ” you will need to have a stable and fairly consistent lifestyle if you want to be the best players “. ” If you want to compete with the absolute best, but even if you just want to live a better life, you will have to have routines …“. In the video attached to the news, you will find all Leffen’s advice.