The Netherlands Will Inaugurate a Stadium Dedicated to eSport in 2020


The Rabo Esports Stadium in Amsterdam, it seems, will consist of former school buildings and redeveloped sports facilities. The new multifunctional center will become a sort of center for Esports, gaming in general and technological innovations. The campus will extend over 10,000 square meters and will be sponsored by Rabobank and H20 Esports.

Many countries have begun to invest in Esports in the form of physical meeting places. And with the Overwatch League and the upcoming Call of Duty League that will switch to a franchise model, it is likely that we will see many other countries having arenas and stadiums.

Moreover, more and more cities have noticed the great potential of live events in terms of tourism and the local economy.

The new stadium will have many uses but one of the founders of H20, Dirk Tuip, explained it in an interview: ” With H20 we realize a dream we have been working on for years. H20 esports wants to create an ecosystem to develop the next generation through video games, Esports and creative technology. The Esports market sees strong growth, to which young people feel strongly connected. With H20 Campus … we explicitly link to training and education. Players, Esports and influencers represent the future.

In other words, the stadium will have the task of giving a central hub to the different groups and members of the Esports and gaming world to get together and interact. From startups to established organizations, the Rabo Esports stadium should offer a safe haven for everyone, even for some companies and startups strictly linked to technological innovation. Obviously, the Esports boom should also support the local economy, making Amsterdam a more popular and appealing place for gaming companies.

The fascinating metropolis, moreover, has already been the venue for the 2018 World Cup in Hearthstone and the European finals of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The interest in the stadium is already very high: it has yet to be inaugurated and already around 75 days are booked for events and activities related to the Esports world.