The PS5 DevKit Is Real, Confirmed by a Codemasters Artist


At the beginning of the week, the Let’s GO Digital website released the image of an alleged Dev Kit PlayStation 5 prototype that many have even mistaken for the final design of the console. Will this be the definitive look of PS5? Surely not.

To confirm the nature of the mysterious object (up to a certain point) is Matthew Stott, Codemasters Senior Artist who has dispelled any doubts with a message published on Twitter: ” it’s a Dev Kit, we have some in the office “, few words which in any case testify to the interest of the British company in the next-generation platforms.

As known, the appearance of the Dev Kit is very different from that of real consoles, so don’t expect a similar look for PlayStation 5. The design of the Dev Kit is the work of Yusuhiro Ootori and this would make one think of his name at the head of the team that is dealing with the official and definitive aspect of the next Sony console, but at the moment it is only speculation.

The only certainty is that the Dev Kit portrayed in the patents published by Let’s GO Digital exists and seems to already have various studies scattered throughout Europe, North America and Asia. Some technicians have analyzed the Dev Kit assuming a quieter PS5 than PlayStation 4 and PS4 PRO, what do you think?

PS5 DevKit