Trials of Mana: New Gameplay Video From Gamescom

Trials of Mana

Good news for JRPG fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of Trials of Mana: the remake of the Japanese series title announced and the E3 2019 course, is taking more and more shape, as shown by the videos just shown during Gamescom 2019.

This is about 4 minutes of live gameplay, which we also see in action for the first time on PlayStation 4, while previous game news was all about the Nintendo Switch version.

Trials of Mana was originally published on SNES in the distant 1995 but had never managed to get to the West due to some problems, such as a massive presence of bugs and the excessive size of the game, which could not be reported on cartridges homegrown.

However, technology does wonder, and even with a wait of twenty-four years, it won’t be long before we can finally get our hands on the game, whose release is expected on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC at the beginning of 2020.

Without delay, we will leave you to the videos in question. What do you think? How long are you waiting for the title?