Ubisoft at Gamescom: “It’s the Right Time to Create New Series and Original Genres”

Ubisoft at Gamescom

On the sidelines of an interview granted to the editorial staff of MCV, Alain Corre of Ubisoft discussed the future of the French company and expressed, in the role of Executive Director, the intention to launch new series and create new genres.

More than a year after the abandonment of Vivendi by Ubisoft with a broad-spectrum financial operation culminating in the sale of shares for a total value of over two billion euros , Alain Corre links the rediscovered freedom of the French videoluico giant to the will of produce an impulse of innovation that can lead the company to realize many new original IPs : “We have become an independent company and we want to stay there, this is the best way in which we can grow and we have already demonstrated it before, so we are super happy to be able to decide for ourselves our future “ .

With regards to the direction that Ubisoft intends to undertake in the future , the company’s senior manager states that “we really appreciate that our fans follow established franchises like Assassin’s Creed or Ghost Recon and we want them to continue to do so in the future, but we believe this is really a good time to invest in new intellectual property. There are many technologies on the horizon, and then there is the rapid evolution of PC gaming, new consoles coming next year, cross-play and game streaming, so yes, we believe that the time has come to create new genres and new video games”.

During E3 2019 and Gamescom 2019, the Ubisoft top management started this new course by surprising its audience with the announcement of the Zelda-like Gods & Monsters, the Watch Dogs Legion revolution, the Uplay + service, and the unusual Roller Champions arcade sport.