Xbox Scarlett Focuses on the CPU: Not Only 4K, “We Can Also Have Frame Rates up to 120”

Microsoft Presents Project Scarlett, the New Xbox Next-Gen Console to Be Released in Late 2020

During the month of August, Phil Spencer had already highlighted how, in addition to the graphic improvements, the next-gen Microsoft would have considered frame rates and playability as the main focus.

Now, even General Manager Aaron Greenberg offers some interesting considerations on Project Scarlett. In the story of Gamescom 2019, the latter has in fact had the opportunity to talk with the Official Xbox Magazine team, offering some evaluations on the future console of the House of Redmond. From his words, we learn that the same team that made Xbox One X is currently working on the development of Project Scarlett.

Greenberg has also highlighted how the CPU improvement will probably be a fundamental element: ” What we see today, is a huge upgrade in the GPU […]. For the next-gen, I think you will see a great development in the CPU because we want to be certain “I have 4K, but we can have frame rates up to 120. I think that kind of possibilities will be something people don’t see today “. Greenberg then mentioned the potential offered by SSDs in terms of reducing loading times, concluding that this element will also represent ” a huge change “.

Interesting statements, which increase the desire to know what will be the definitive features, potential and specifications of the new Microsoft console.