Destiny 2: how to use Cross-Save on PS4, Xbox One and PC


Finally, the Destiny 2 cross-save is available for all Bungie shooter players. Below we explain how to enable it and how to use it on PS4Xbox One and PC, in order to share your game progress on all platforms.

How to use Cross-Save on PS4, Xbox One and PC

First, log in to (via any account in your possession) to link your accounts associated with the various platforms. You can then log in with your PSN account, your Xbox Live account, your account or your Steam account.

After logging in, click on the avatar of your profile and select the Cross-Save option. If you have not already done so, at this point you must log in with the credentials of the other accounts you intend to use to share game progress with cross-save. If you play on PC, remember to migrate from to Steam: starting October 1st, in fact, the PC version of Destiny 2 will only be available on Steam and will disappear permanently from

Next, you need to specify which account you want to share progress with all the other profiles. You will not be able to choose a combination of characters and progress between accounts: only a series of the progress of a single platform can be shared with the others.

For players who have played on a single platform, this is a simple choice, but if you have made a double dive on PS4 and PC, for example, you will have to choose carefully which of the two accounts to use to share progress.

After that, your characters will appear on the next login to one of these accounts, including all the equipment, loot and progress you have unlocked along the way with the main account. From now on, all game progress achieved on any platform will be shared with other accounts.

Cross-Save restrictions

Cross-save allows you to share your Destiny 2 progress on all platforms, but with the following restrictions:

  • The Silver currency can only be used with the account you used to purchase it.
  • The DLCs, expansions and contents of the Annual Pass will be accessible only with the account you used to purchase them.
  • If you use the base game without expansions and Annual Passes, you can still use your high-level equipment, but the drops will be limited to low-level items.
  • With the cross-save enabled you can be part of only one clan.

Keeping in mind what is reported in this mini-guide, therefore, Destiny 2 players will be able to use cross-save on PS4Xbox One and PC, taking advantage of all the advantages it offers.