DOTA 2: the new hero is Snapfire, a granny with a shotgun!


While the meetings of The International 2019 are taking place in Shanghai, the biggest DOTA 2 tournament of the year featuring a prize pool of 30 million dollars, Valve announced the new hero who will join the MOBA roster of the course of next autumn.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is Snapfire, a grandmother who loves to cook cookies and walk around with a threatening shotgun in her hands on a large lizard. In the presentation trailer packaged by Gabe Newell’s house, we are given a taste of the skills he can use in battle: apparently, he will be able to throw his cookies at the allies, providing them with upgrades of some kind. Moreover, the rifle it is equipped with and the double machine gun that emerges from the lizard’s saddle, suggests that it will not only be a supporting character but that if necessary it will also be able to do a lot of harm to the opponents. Find the trailer at the top of this news, enjoy it!

Snapfire’s debut is scheduled for the fall. Unfortunately, Valve has not provided a precise launch date, so we can’t help but wait patiently for more information to be provided. DOTA 2, we remember, is available in the free-to-play format on PC Steam.