Epic Is Serious: Celeste and Inside Will Be the Next Free Games on the Epic Store!

Celeste and Inside

The weekly update of the Epic Store confirms the availability of the free FEZ download and reveals the upcoming video games on PC that will be made available to users of the Epic Games digital store, namely the indie masterpieces Celeste and Inside.

If until 29 August it will be possible to enrich your digital game library with FEZ free of charge, starting from the afternoon of Thursday 29 August and up to 5 September, the curators of the Epic Store invite us to prepare ourselves to download for free the splendid Celeste platform by Matt Thorson and the unforgettable noir-colored adventure Inside by Playdead .

The two titles chosen by Epic to round off the month of August boast some of the highest average votes of this generation, with enthusiastic judgments from the sector press and a warm welcome received from fans. Behind the success of Celeste and Inside is the incredible attention to detail given by the respective authors, with a surge of originality represented by unique settings and gameplay dynamics that have been able to dance harmoniously between innovation and respect for masterpieces past of its reference genres (such as the legendary Kid Icarus for NES and Limbo , also offered for free on the Epic Store in July).

What do you think of the new Epic Games offer reserved for users of your PC Store?