Fortnite: The Brute Mechs Have Finally Been Weakened


One of the most important and most controversial additions to Fortnite ‘s Season 10 was undoubtedly that of the Mech BRUTES, which have never actually been frowned upon by most players because they are simply too powerful.

Many thought that the game had been “ruined” by their introduction, thanks to which even the less talented players could win the games with relative ease. After numerous fan protests, Epic Games has finally decided to weaken them, as announced on Twitter by the same software house.

The fire rate of the missiles has in fact been reduced by 56% and instead of firing ten at a time, now the mech can only shoot six. The radius of the explosion was also reduced by 42% and the cooldown of his shooting skill was increased to five seconds. In short, a nice weakening for the players that ran on board the BRUTES: all the changes in the details can be found in the tweet at the bottom of the news.

Also, the Junk Rift, the weapon introduced to counter the mechs, has undergone some changes, but mainly it has been temporarily removed from the Tournament and Arena modes, due to some problems related to audio.

What do you think of Epic Games’ move following protests for the BRUTE Mechs or were they supposed to stay the same as before?