Gamescom 2019: Which Were the Best Trailer of the Event? Here Is a Selection!

Gamescom 2019

The Gamescom 2019 was an event that brought with it the release of a large number of trailers, dedicated both to new projects either already known projects which have mainly hit the mark?

To try to identify the ” best Gamescom trailers 2019 ” we, therefore, decided to offer you a small selection of the videos shown by publishers and development teams during the event, both during the appointments on Monday 19 August and outside of them.

Let’s start with one of the most anticipated titles from the public: Death Strandingshowed itself at Gamescom 2019 with several dedicated trailers. Obviously, we will exclude the movie shown exclusively at the fair and not yet broadcast by Sony and Kojima Productions and we will focus on what was shown during the Opening Night Live. In this context, Mama’s presentation trailer has certainly attracted attention for the emotional power of what is told inside.

Fans of the series have been waiting for a long time, with the game almost close to the shelves, the trailer for the Gears 5 Campaign, although quite short, stood out for its spectacularity and the fast-paced soundtrack. Also intriguing is the introduction of a new, and unexpected, title, with the engaging trailer for Kerbal Space Program 2, which announced the return of the IP in 2020. The trailer for the announcement of Little Nightmares 2 is also intriguing, with its atmosphere was able to convey the right dose of anxiety.

To be rewarded also the sympathy of the new Watch Dogs 3 trailer, which presented to the public some of the characters that live in the game world with light tints … including poor Alan Murphy! Special mention, in closing, also to the trailer for Spacebase Startopia, which included within it a tribute to the presentation of Cyberpunk 2077 at E3 2019!

Obviously, this is only a small selection and Gamescom 2019 has offered many interesting trailers: which ones were your favorites, which one did you like the most?