Gears 5: The Coalition Talks About the Microtransactions Present in Multiplayer

Gears 5

The Coalition has specified right from the beginning that within the multiplayer section of Gears 5 there would have been no infamous loot boxes. The microtransactions, however, have been implemented, and the multiplayer designer director Ryan Cleven explained the reasons for this choice during a recent interview granted to

“We had made this decision before everything happened [referring to the fictional Star Wars Battlefront 2 by Electronic Arts]. We were basically reading the tea leaves, I guess, and we were one of the first studios to adopt packets of cards within our We thought we had done it quite elegantly in Gears 4: some people liked it, others didn’t, other companies and other games would have acted differently and would have made people more unhappy.

We set ourselves a challenge: can we still provide purchasable items for players who want to buy and allow the rest of the players to enjoy the system? This was a challenge that we set ourselves from the beginning of Gears 5 … We had the feeling that the loot boxes were not suitable for Gears and we wanted to be ahead in the search for solutions, even before all that controversy broke [always referring to Battlefront 2]”.

The microtransactions of Gears 5 will allow players to collect more in-game currency to spend on cosmetic items or characters (also obtainable simply by playing). The method adopted by The Coalition allows, according to Cleven, to “get rid of the prize funds and make sure that it is possible to satisfy the people who are trying to accelerate their progression or earn cosmetic items using money while maintaining the integrity of the experience of play. ” 

Recall that Gears 5 will make its official debut on PC and Xbox One on September 10, 2019. The campaign has finally shown recently with a spectacular trailer.