Google Stadia: interface visible in a photo taken at Gamescom 2019

Google Will Allow You to Easily Change Your Nickname on Stadia

Week after week, Google is unveiling a wealth of information on Stadia, a streaming gaming service expected for November of this year. Some details, in any case, are still unknown, such as the precise date of exit and the game interface.

The latter, according to the statements by Mountain View representatives, will be officially shown near the launch. Thanks to a photo taken at Gamescom 2019, in any case, we can already get a taste of it. In the image attached below you can see the menu that can be called up by pressing the “Stadia” button, located in the centre of the controller. At the top of the interface, on the right of the screen, there is the nickname of the player with a green dot indicating his Online status, three buttons used for connection settings, controller and audio, and a large area for inside which friends will appear. In this case, there are none, therefore only the item Find friends stands out, through which, presumably, it will be possible to search for them by connecting Stadia to other services (the Gmail address book?). At the top left of the screen, instead, there is an icon that indicates the quality of the connection. Mortal Kombat 11, whose arrival on the cloud gaming service was announced during the last Stadia Connect.

The design appears clean and functional, and it cannot be ruled out that it can be enriched with new functions in view of the launch next November.