Hades: The First Exclusive Epic Games Store Will Arrive on Steam in December


The development team of Supergiant Games decides to inaugurate the Hades Steam page and announce, in this way, the day when the first title offered exclusively on Epic Games Store will also arrive on the Valve platform.

From the new Hades Steam page, we learn that the title can be purchased by users of Valve’s digital store starting December 10th this year. Despite the criticism leveled at the San Jose software house in the eternal diatribe between the proponents and detractors of Epic ‘s strategy on the exclusives of its own Store, in recent months Hades has been able to attract a growing number of enthusiasts thanks to the support guaranteed by the developers and the solid framework for this ambitious role-playing action from above.

With the arrival on Hades ‘ Steam, Supergiant’s top management will try to further expand their fan base to repeat the commercial success of their previous work, the excellent Transistor and Bastion. The intentions of the US team, the opening of the Hades Advance Access version to the Valve store will help speed up the development of the title and guarantee the launch timing of version 1.0, scheduled for a generic “mid-2020” on PC.

Every hypothesis regarding the next landing of the title on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, as often happens in these cases, will be taken into consideration only after having understood which reception will be reserved by the fans for the new Supergiant roguelike

from here to the next months.