How Many Hours Will Blair Witch’s Horror Adventure Last? the Developers Explain It to Us

Blair Witch

After giving us a health scare with the Blair Witch video shown during the special episode of Inside Xbox from Gamescom 2019, the authors of the Bloober Team offer us important indications on the theoretical longevity of their next horror adventure dedicated to the mystery of Blair’s Witch.

Speaking about this from the editors of GameWatcher, the head developer Maciej Glombreported that users should take about five to six hours to finish Blair Witch. Once at the end credits, however, fans of the genre will be encouraged to plunge back into the digital nightmare of their alter-ego by virtue of the presence of multiple endings and the numerous narrative junctions present in the plot.

According to Glomb, in fact, “for you it could be really nice to play again just once, even knowing how the adventure ends. This awareness makes the experience completely different”. The already confirmed presence of fights and time rings promises then to multiply the hours of play necessary to give users the possibility of believing that they have “really finished” Blair Witch.

At this point, we just have to wait until August 30 to see for ourselves how much time will have to pass through the infernal Black Hills forest settings to complete Blair Witch’s horror adventure on PC and Xbox One.