LoL, a Former Player Reveals: The Besiktas Does Not Pay Salaries for Months


According to a post from League of Legends player Natalie ” Stratospanda ” Kristiansen, former Beşiktaş Esports member, the organization apparently did not pay its players. As you can imagine, Beşiktaş Esports is the export division associated with the Turkish football team.

Natalie ” Stratospanda ” Kristiansen joined the women’s roster of the Turkish club in October 2018 and, as stated, there were problems from day one. Their first payment would have been moved forward by several weeks, indeed, even months.

Second, in Twitlonger published by Stratospanda, this was also the case for other groups, as well as many staff members. It seems that Beşiktaş has reached the point of forcing the players to not make public the problems inside the team, threatening them to withhold the salary altogether if they had spoken.

According to Stratospanda, the BSK would try to convince all its present and past players to sign non-disclosure agreements in an attempt to prevent problems from surfacing.

One of his former team-mates, Olimpia ” Komedyja ” Cichosz, responded to the original post, adding some more details. He claims that the BSK promised things like training facilities and media days, but nothing was ever maintained. He also stated that the team closed the Discord channel of the players to keep nothing out.

Beşiktaş as a multisport company had its financial problems. The club announced in February 2018 that it had debts of almost $450 million, much of which came from their newly completed stadium. Beşiktaş Esport presents teams in men’s and women’s League of Legends, CS: women’s GO and Zula (a title similar to Counter-Strike).

The BSK, in short, has had problems paying even its soccer team players and it is said that the organization is on the verge of financial collapse.