Ni No Kuni: The Remastered and the Switch Version, Protagonists of Japanese TV Commercials

Ni No Kuni

The leaders of Bandai Namco officially set in motion the promotional machine for the launch of the Remaster for PC and PS4 and the Nintendo Switch version of Ni No Kuni, as confirmed by the airing of the first Japanese TV commercials.

The official YouTube channel of Level-5 thus celebrated the opening of the Japanese promotional campaign of the reissues of Ni No Kuni with two videos that describe the main graphic, artistic, narrative and playful elements that characterize this masterpiece of modern Japanese role-playing action production.

The remastered version of the interactive fairy tale by Oliver and Lucciconio will boast many visual improvements to be enjoyed in 1080p and 60fps on standard PlayStation, in 4k / 30fps or 1440p / 60fps on PS4 Pro or with framerate and resolution unlocked on PC. For what concerns the Switch version of Ni No Kuni, the title will have a resolution of 720p with 30fps framerate and a complete rewriting of the menus and commands to readjust to the layout of the buttons of the two Joy-Con and, of course, to the console screen hybrid of the Kyoto house.

The remastered version of Ni No Kuni: The threat of the Cinerea Witch will arrive on PC and PlayStation 4 on September 20th. Also with regard to the landing of Ni No Kuni on Nintendo Switch, the launch date chosen by Bandai Namco will be that of September 20th.