No Man’s Sky Beyond: Let’s Play Rocket League Thanks to the Creative Tools of the Bases!

Rocket League

In one of the many interviews granted by Sean Murray before the launch of the Beyond update of No Man’s Sky, the boss of Hello Games said that with the new creative tools for the bases it would have been possible to realize a sort of minigame inspired by Rocket League. Has he told the truth?

The Youtuber Boid Gaming specializing in the creation of No Man’s Sky themed content tried to refute Murray’s words by building a Rocket League stadium from scratch. After working hard on the architecture of the arena, the NMS fan used the new logic and electrical modules from Beyond to place the doors and the respawn area of ​​the game sphere, thus discovering the eccentric developer of Hello Games he was quite right.

Of course, just take a quick look at the movie made by the No Man’s Sky fan to realize the limitations and shortcomings of this base inspired by Rocket League: from an exquisitely functional point of view, however, the NMS reinterpretation of the acrobatic arcade player Psyonix racing goes to the mark (and not only figuratively!).

Using two exascale, in fact, it is possible to organize multiplayer games of “motorized five-a-side” in pure Rocket League style, albeit with the need to occasionally abandon one’s vehicle to replace the game ball in the center of the arena. What do you think of this mini-game?