Persona 5 Royal Presents in the Trailer Takuto Maruki: Here Is the New Character

Persona 5 Royal

The Atlus team has made available a new trailer dedicated to Persona 5 Royal, a revised and expanded version of the original JRPG debuted on Playstation 4 in Japan in 2016 and the rest of the world the following year.

The title will include several new features, including the presence of unpublished characters, absent in the original version of the game. Among these, we find Takuto Makoto, a new entry for Persona 5 which will represent a new figure with which to interact in the shoes of the protagonist. The character will not be indeed playable, but it will be possible to deepen his knowledge in the course of our adventures in the role of the Phantom Thieves leader.

We will meet Takuto Makoto as students of the Shujin Academy, where he holds the role of student consultant, appreciated by the students of the Institute for his ability to offer support to those who turn to him. To introduce the new character, Atlus has chosen to publish a dedicated trailer, which is however currently available exclusively in Japanese: you can view it directly at the beginning of this news. Persona 5 Royal still lacks a specific publication date outside Japan, but recently Atlus confirmed the Western launch window. The game was also shown in new images dedicated to characters and Persona: are you happy with the introduction of unpublished figures in Persona 5 Royal?