PlayStation 5: Here Are the 3D Renderings of the PS5 Development Kit!


At the start of the week, Let’s GO Digital has published a patent from Sony Corporation showing the design of an alleged PS5 Dev Kit. In the following days, we talked a lot about this device, which according to some would be much more than a development kit, representing a prototype of the final design of the console.

A Codemasters Senior Artist confirmed that the object in question is a Dev Kit and that the English studio already owns some, however, the artist’s Tweet has been deleted. In the following hours Let’s Go Digital has increased the dose by publishing images of the development kit from various angles, now also 3D renderings made by the site editor are arriving.

A work of great value, as is customary for Let’s GO, Digital artists, who over time have given life to renderings of smartphones, tablets, televisions, consoles and other technological devices. The hypothesized design is certainly fascinating but as already reiterated, difficult to replicate for mass production on large numbers, like that of PS5.

We reiterate how the renderings in question are based on the dev kit leaked by the Sony patent, but at present, there are no real photos that can testify to the existence of this product.

And what do you think about it? Is it actually a dev kit or maybe a PlayStation 5 prototype?