Red Dead Redemption 2 “wings” with the mod that turns us into birds

red Dead Redemption 2 wings

Red Dead Redemption 2 enthusiast who claims to have been able to access Rockstar Games’ free-roaming blockbuster code has created an extraordinary mod that allows us to explore the Frontier with the eyes, but above all with the wings, of the different species of birds present in the title!

The video demonstration prepared by the author of this mod and published on the pages of the jedijosh920 YouTube channel really leaves you breathless for the incredible result achieved by the amateur programmer who has ventured into this venture.

To achieve a similar result, the modder claims to have used the “model swap” system devised in the past by those who knew how to transform the polygonal model of the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2 into any other character of the Frontier, all with the aim of create memes and cute machinima videos in the style of GTA 5 trailers shot with the Director Mode of the Rockstar Editor.

The author of the mod in question, however, wanted to go further to give us the opportunity to discover what it is like to vault the skies of the realistic western dimension of RDR2 in the shoes (or rather, in the feathers ) of birds like eagles, herons, Duchesse and exotic spatulas. At the top of the article, you will find the unique movie made by jedijosh920: what do you think about this mod? Do you also hope that the leaders of the Grande R will soon add the Director Mode or an even more advanced version of the Rockstar Editor in Red Dead Redemption 2? Let us know with a comment.