Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice It Is Now Possible to Play as Vegeta

Shadows Die Twice

New mods for Sekiro Shadows Die Twice continue to be published on a regular basis and, once again, we are talking about a creation dedicated to Dragon Ball Z.

Thanks to the work of the modders it is now possible to eliminate the dangerous enemies that roam around the estate of Ashina as Vegeta, the famous prince of the Sayians and eternal rival of Goku. Just like the Krilin mod, even in this case, it is only and exclusively the replacement of the three-dimensional model of the Wolf Without an Arm and therefore does not expect animations, sound effects or special moves other than the original ones of the title From Software. A little curiosity about this mod concerns the character model, which was not extracted from one of the Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi episodes like Krilin’s but from the 2006 crossover fighting game entitled Battle Stadium DONIf you are interested in installing the mod, which is only available on a PC, you can find all the details on the relevant NexusMods page .

Before leaving you with a video showing Vegeta moving against one of the bosses of the title, we remind you that Sekiro was close to 4 million copies sold just a few weeks ago. Did you know that Nvidia recently created a splendid PC dedicated to Sekiro Shadows Die Twice?