Sony vs Disney: Spider-Man Fans Want to Boycott PlayStation!

Spider-Man 2 for PS5

The story linked to the possible release of Spider-Man from Marvel Cinematic Universe due to economic and creative tensions between Disney (owner of Marvel) and Sony (holder of the rights to Spider-Man films) was one of the hottest topics of the week and it seems that the diatribe is destined to continue long.

The controversy has also involved the world of video games, in recent hours in fact on Twitter some players have launched a petition to boycott the PlayStation brand and in particular the Spider-Man video game, published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

On Twitter there are those who launch appeals of the type ” I sell PlayStation 4 or exchange with Xbox One “, and there are those who seem determined to carry on their personal crusade against Sony and PlayStation until the situation regarding Spider-Man’s rights in the MCU it will not be resolved.

A curious note, the problems between Disney and Sony have arisen simultaneously with the acquisition by the latter of Insomniac Games, team author of the acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man, a title capable of selling over thirteen million copies. Only a coincidence, obviously the two things are absolutely not interrelated, instead, it appears evident the will of the Japanese company to preserve the rights on the Spider-Man films and to make the maximum profit (as logical for a multinational) from the films of Spider-Man.