Super Mario Sunshine Is Coming Back? a Tweet From Nintendo Suggests It


Galeotto was that summer tweet. Nintendo ‘s latest Twitter post is making fans talk a lot, as it has given rise to rumors that are getting ever wider on the net, according to which a return of Super Mario Sunshine would be on the horizon.

The post in question sees Mario sitting on the beach eating a slice of watermelon, and the caption reads: “Even Mario needs a little summer vacation. No matter where your summer odyssey took you, let’s hope it was full of Sunshine!”.

Obviously, the two important references in the word games of the tweet are Odyssey and Sunshine, which are the titles of two adventures of Mario, the first one arrived on Nintendo Switch and the second that landed on Nintendo Game Cube and of which there is now talk of a return, precisely.

After the post, Nintendo fans went wild on Twitter, gradually finding other important references: on the table at the Nintendo Gamescom booth there was indeed a watermelon and a pineapple, not to mention that Super Mario Sunshine originally came out on August 26th of 2002, so many are thinking about the anniversary as a possible date for a possible reveal.

And what do you think? Will there be something concrete on the horizon? Would you like a return of Super Mario Sunshine?