The Metal Gear Solid Soundtrack Arrives for the First Time on Vinyl

Metal Gear Solid Soundtrack

Get ready to do it in “I can’t do it, too many memories!” à la Aldo, Giovanni, and Giacomo, because the news we are about to give you will take you back to 1998 when we inserted the Metal Gear Solid record in our console for the first time.

That experience has changed the life (certainly from the gaming point of view) of many of us, and now we can relive it thanks to the beautiful soundtrack of the game, which will be published for the first time on vinyl.

It is a special edition containing two discs, available both in traditional black and in a color defined as ” Green Smoke “. Although it may be a “niche” product, we are sure that both will be sold out rather quickly, also because the price is not prohibitive, we are talking about 35 dollars. To buy it, just go to the website of

In the photos at the bottom of the news, you can take a look at the color and artistic style chosen for the cover and the inside of the disc. This is the same company that has already released the soundtracks of several titles in the Castlevania series on vinyl, so the quality should be assured.

What do you think? Are you ready to be moved again by the notes of The Best is Yet to How?

Metal Gear Solid is turning twenty this year, and the Metal Gear Solid board game is about to be released for the occasion. How are you going to honor Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece?