The PC version of The Surge 2 will not have Denuvo: the developers explain why

The Surge 2

A few weeks after the launch of the soullike sci-fi The Surge 2, the top management of Deck13 Interactive definitively clarifies one of the most debated points among the fans of their action series and confirm, from the pages of Steam, that the PC version of their title will not use the Denuvo DRM.

In reiterating the concept to formalize the abandonment of the controversial anti-tamper protection system, the representatives of the German software house have updated the FAQ of the Surge 2 card on Steam and responded directly to their fans declaring that the title will not have Denuvo, although it was used for the client used in the recent closed-door beta phases.

“Denuvo is there only for the Closed Beta currently in progress and will be deactivated later” , the Deck13 guys clarify, confirming once again the desire not to use the famous DRM of Denuvo Software Solutions GmgH, one of the most adopted anti-tamper software from the most disparate development houses (as in the recent case of Gearbox and the announcement of Borderlands 3 with Denuvo ) to avoid that the spread of pirated copies induced by the almost immediate violation of the protection system can negatively impact launch sales.

The authors of the Teutonic company thus choose to tackle the thorny issue of digital piracy by approaching the problem with the positive (but not always effective ) attitude of those who hope that the passion of their fans induces them to buy the title, especially by virtue of absence of a DRM that could have affected performance . Regardless of your chosen platform and waiting to hear your opinion about it using the comments form at the bottom of the page, we remind you that The Surge 2 will arrive on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 24th.