Xbox Game Pass: Now Available Kingdom Come Deliverance and Ape Out!

Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass catalog is still growing, which welcomes two new interesting videogame productions: now available to be played by users subscribing to the Microsoft service.

This new service expansion had been anticipated by the House of Redmond during the special Inside Xbox episode broadcast on the occasion of Gamescom 2019. Now, we are reminded and reported by the official Twitter account of the Xbox Game Pass service, which informs us that Kingdom How Deliverance and Ape Out are now available for subscribers.

Kingdom Come Deliverance, in particular, is made available both on console and on PC. Gamers registered on the Xbox Game Pass service can now try this production first hand, born from a Kickstarter project and published in 2018. The GDR puts you in the shoes of the young Henry, son of a blacksmith burned by the thirst for adventure: ready to immerse yourself in the fifteenth century Bohemia?

Ape Out, debuted in February 2019, arrives in the Xbox Game Pass catalog exclusively on PC. A charismatic shooter, published by the Devolver Digital team, able to surprise the public with its unique features.

However, Kingdom Come Deliverance and Ape Out are not the only innovations planned for the service during the summer.