Xbox Games on Epic Games Store? Aaron Greenberg Does Not Exclude It

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As is known, Microsoft would like to bring the Xbox lineup to the largest number of devices in the near future, a first timid step in this direction was made with the arrival of Cuphead, Ori and the Blind Forest and Super Lucky’s Tale on Switch but the future could reserve many other surprises.

Going back to the statements of Ben Decker who would like to bring the Game Pass on all platforms, Aaron Greenberg stated that Microsoft would have no problem bringing his titles to the much talked about Epic Games Store. At the moment there is nothing concrete planned in this regard and Greenberg makes things clear: ” Of course, we would like, or rather, we would have no problem doing it but Epic should focus more on the community, at the moment it is clear that their goal is to gain market share with the exclusives, to the benefit of the developers, but on the community side we are still far behind Steam. “

We will hardly see exclusive Microsoft on Epic Games Store, at least in the short term, and Greenberg himself wanted to reiterate how these are simple hypotheses, in a completely theoretical line the Redmond house would have no problem bringing its titles to the greatest number of platforms and store, in practice however there are many factors to be evaluated before making decisions of this kind.