A Remaster of the Legend of Dragoon? Director Tweet Bluepoint Raises Hopes

Bluepoint Games

The Legend’s debut of The Legend of the Dragoon dates back to the far distant 1999, the year in which the first game debuted on the first Playstation in that of Japan.

Later, the GDR also landed in the West, winning the attention of several users in possession of the Sony console. Among the lovers of the title, we find out today, figure also Peter Dalton, Technical Director at Bluepoint, the software house known for, among others, the realization of the appreciated remake for Playstation 4 of Shadow of the Colossus. In fact, Dalton recently discussed on Twitter, responding to the question of a user who asked him for an opinion on The Legend of the Dragoon. In addition to expressing appreciation, Dalton’s comment went slightly further: ” I love ‘The Legend of Dragoon’. Perhaps it should be a project ?“The claim, as expected, immediately attracted the attention of fans of the title, who read in the Director’s words a possible hope for a remastered or a remake of The Legend of the Dragoon. Would you like such an announcement?

Currently, the project in the Bluepoint studios remains shrouded in mystery In March 2018, the team confirmed that they were working on a new remake, whose identity has not yet been revealed, but whose nature seems to be somewhat ambitious.