Astro Bot Rescue Mission: Sony Is Giving the Game to Some PS4 Users!

Astro Bot

According to Reddit, it seems that Sony has decided to give the appreciated Astro Bot: Rescue Mission to some lucky gamers in possession of Playstation 4.

The first report comes from the forum user active on the platform with the nickname ” XarmtheinsaneX “. As you can in fact verify at the bottom of this news, the player shared a post in which he signaled that he had received the welcome gift by communication via email, to which code was attached to be able to redeem the game for free on the Playstation Store. Consequently, he invited interested players to present on the forum to check for any gift.

In the thread, another user, ” spoonmaster “, confirmed that he had received the same gift, even though he was not in possession of Playstation VR. It, therefore, seems that the initiative does not exclusively involve PS4 players in possession of Sony’s Virtual Reality. It is not clear what the geographical areas involved in the promotion are: if in doubt if you feel particularly fortunate, you could consider checking your email accounts!

[Image] Just a friendly reminder to check your email,this was in mine this morning. from PS4