Bandai Namco on Epic Games Store: Now, No Interest in Exclusivity Agreements

Bandai Namco and ISKN Work Together to Create a New Entertainment Ecosystem

During an interesting interview granted by Hervé Hoerdt, Senior Vice President at Bandai Namco Europe, he discussed new platforms and the evolution of the gaming market with the MCV portal.

As part of the discussion, there was also a way to address the topic of the Company’s approach to the Epic Games Store. Hoerdt has recognized that the latter represents an interesting opportunity, but that, for the moment, the commercial philosophy of the latter does not seem to coincide with the market approach adopted by Bandai Namco.

” For us, – highlights – the main focus is the consumer and the brand. And for each brand, we decide what is the best way to satisfy the consumer and to involve the widest possible audience. So, for example, I see no reason to bring “Tekken 7 on Epic Store. Epic is simply another store. It’s fantastic, they have numerous strengths and users, the business model is interesting for us because it’s more advantageous, yet their interest is, if I’m not mistaken, the exclusivity. And this is not our vision. We want our content to be available to as many fans as possible. ” With this in mind, Hoerdt continues I don’t think we’ll make deals with Epic in the short term while we have this strategy. But certainly, if they are open, we will go there. “

Bandai Namco, at least at the moment, does not, therefore, seem interested in making exclusive agreements with the platform. Recently, Epic Games Store has been updated, introducing, for example, the cloud save support. The next free Epic Store games have also been announced.