Best Wishes to Hideo Kojima! Today the Game Designer Turns 56

Hideo Kojima

Today, August 24th is a very special day: one of the most famous and beloved game designers in the contemporary videogame scene, Hideo Kojima, turns 56 … Best wishes!

Most loyal fans probably knew it already, but the eclectic Japanese developer also decided to use Twitter to let everyone know that today is a special day, writing: ” Today I’m turning 56. I’d like to continue creating for the rest of my life”. The phrase is accompanied by numerous emoticons, including a whale, a fish, a dolphin, an octopus and newborn, clear references to his Death Stranding, expected exclusively on PlayStation 4 for November 8th.

Many people have already taken the opportunity to wish him well, starting with Geoff Keighley, journalist, presenter and founder of the Game Awards to whom he is particularly attached, and the guys from his studio, Kojima Productions, who wrote: “Today, August 24th, is the birthday of our dear boss, the one and only Hideo Kojima! Happy birthday!”.

Death Stranding, for its part, has returned to be talked about at Gamescom 2019: during the Opening Night Live, conducted by Keighley, yes shown in two new trailers and in the first gameplay video, which is still making fans and critics alike. In his special on Death Stranding, besides, our Alessandro Bruni told us Briefing, a fourth unpublished video!