Days Gone: New Challenge and Customizations with the God of War and Concrete Genie Theme for the Bike!

Days Gone Uncharted

Days Gone, the latest Bend Studio production, developed exclusively for Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro, welcomes an interesting update: here is the news!

The title set in an imaginary Oregon populated by zombies welcomes first of all a new entry among the DLC challenges of Days Gone. Presented with a short trailer that you find attached to one of the Tweets at the bottom of the news, this will put the player in front of a new test. Called ” Reload “, the new challenge created by Bend Studio has a horde of 300 Frakers. Your goal will be to take down the enemies in three minutes, using for example weapons like the AS50, which allows you to hit multiple opponents at the same time. To be successful, you will also need to try to use the environment to your advantage by choosing advantageous placements on the map. Are you ready to take the field?

But that’s not all: with the latest update, Bend Studio wanted to give users a little surprise by making three stickers available to customize your bike. After the Uncharted theme skin, two of them, in particular, wanted to pay homage to some colleagues, offering motifs inspired by the God of War of Santa Monica and Concrete Genie of Pixelopus. You can view a preview of the two custom wheels directly at the bottom of this news.