Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Here Is the News from the Square Enix Blockbuster from Gamescom

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

From the pages of the official PlayStation Blog, the authors of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe illustrate in detail all the main novelties of content and gameplay of Final Fantasy 7 Remake emerged during the Gamescom 2019 in Cologne.

The rich in-depth analysis carried out by SIEE to celebrate the presence at the German fair of the re-edition of the great classic of Square Enix touches all the points of the work, from the realistic and narrative dynamics that will be evolving among the characters of the “new” Final Fantasy VII to the innovations made to the combat system, as well as to the interface of selection of attacks and abilities during the battle.

The list compiled by Sony representatives at the Cologne videogame festival offers 11 specific focuses on the interaction between Cloud and Barrett, on the changes made to the Avalanche group (and on the infiltration missions dedicated to them) and on the restyling of the futuristic city of Midgar , with the expansion of its neighborhoods and the addition of new sectors that can be explored by virtue of the different construction of Mako reactors that feed the metropolis.

Also as regards the dynamics of gameplay we will see many innovations, such as the double ATB bar for Clouds that will give rise to the activation of loaded attacks and a unique ability that will inflict a frightening amount of damage to the enemy in turn. Of particular interest are the changes made by the Japanese authors in the aesthetics, in the location and in the contents of the coffers, in the already known modifications to the Materia system and, last but definitely not in order of importance, in the addition of many small graphic expedients and aesthetic as in the overheating of the Barrett weapon which will be represented by an increase in the orange glow of the rotating canes.

So to discover and experience all the other innovations of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, then, we just have to wait until the release of the first act of Square Enix’s masterpiece, scheduled for March 3, 2020, on PS4.