Fortnite: Discovered a Glitch of the Bruto Mech That Makes Players Invincible


Like most of the innovations that are introduced in the Royal Battle, even the powerful Mech BRUTO – which debuted with Fortnite Season 10 – caused a lot of balance problems.

The new vehicle proved incredibly powerful, and Epic Games took a few weeks before finally deciding to weaken it. The problems, in any case, are not yet over. One user discovered an incredible glitch linked to mechs that could make players completely invincible.

As you can see in the example movie at the top of this news, to put it into action you need to launch two Scrap Rift objects (introduced with the last Fortnite update ) on the mech, to then quickly enter and exit when the junk storm begins. Once this is done, the character becomes immortal and no longer suffers any damage, as is clearly shown. This is a rather serious glitch, capable of heavily altering the balance of the games. We hope that Epic Games will intervene soon to resolve it definitively.

Week 4 of Season 10, meanwhile, went live. Have you already completed the Smash and Grab quest set?