Hearthstone: Changes Coming in for the Summoner’s Call, Barnes and Other Cards


Blizzard Entertainment has announced that on August 27th important changes will be introduced in Hearthstone to some cards, aimed at improving the ladder experience. The intervention was necessary following the publication of the Salvatori expansion of Uldum, which brought out powerful new decks.

The Magician class card Calling the Summoner will see an increase in mana cost from 3 to 4, so it will be much more difficult to play along with his copy generated thanks to Twin Magic in one turn. The mana cost of Portable Moon Galaxy, also belonging to the Magician, will go from 5 to 7 since when it is played at the beginning of the game it can overwhelm the opponent in the event that servants thought to be drawn one behind the other for the advanced stages of the matches.

The Warrior will see the mana cost of Dr. Boom the Mad Genie go from 7 to 9 because at the moment this card is played too often at the start of the games. As for the Additional Arms of the Priest, the cost in hand will go up from 2 to 3. This class has become very popular after Salvatori of Uldum, and with this change, the opponents should have more opportunities to fight them in the early stages of the game. Finally, we mention the generic Barnes card, whose mana cost will go up from 4 to 5, as it has proved far too powerful at the start of the games.

What do you think of these changes?