Kojima on Death Stranding: “I Want People to Think About the World After Playing It”

Death Stranding on PS4: Explained the Constant Reference to the

On the occasion of Gamescom 2019, the German portal 4Player was able to involve Hideo Kojima in an interesting interview, during which several issues were addressed.

The ever-attentive ResetEra community promptly spotted the special, of which the user “vestan” reported a first English translation of some rather interesting extracts. In one of these, the videogame author is questioned about which message you want to convey with his Death Stranding. Kojima makes no secret of his personal reflections, sharing them with the interviewer: 

” […] Sometimes we refer to isolation as a trend in the world today. Also online “. These “connections”, however, the author emphasizes, often result in negative attitudes. ” So one of the themes of Death Stranding is to connect […I want people to think about the world once they’ve played the title, not just the gaming experience itself. What it means to connect or isolate. Certainly, only a game remains. And I want you to enjoy the title. But after the game, I would like people to look around, open their eyes and say ‘Oh, that could mean this or that’. I hope monsters of the consequences “.

In short, Death Stranding is confirmed as an ambitious project, on whose blanket of mystery the curtain is slowly starting to partially rise. Some new information on the project has indeed arrived at the Gamescom, with the publication of three new trailers and the reveal of a fourth mysterious movie, still not shared with the general public, but of which our Alessandro Bruni spoke to you in his special on the trailer entitled Briefing.