Mirror’s Edge Meets Dishonored in the Gameplay of Ghostrunner, New Cyberpunk Action


Only a few days ago we told you about Ghostrunner, a new intriguing first-person cyberpunk-themed action game. The few glimpses shown in the ad trailer were enough to arouse the interest of a good slice of players, but the developers of One More Level now give us a more complete overview of the title.

The extended gameplay video we reported at the top of the news would seem to confirm the positive impressions aroused earlier. Ghostrunner looks like an action game that certainly makes adrenaline and frantic action its strong points, and that seems to inherit in its DNA several of the aspects that made Dishonored and Mirror’s Edge franchises famous: the sudden dash forward, the swift action of the blade, the parkour and the fast and dynamic movement seem to recall – in their respective characteristics – the franchises of Bethesda and Electronic Arts.

Inside Ghostrunner we will take on the role of a cyber-warrior intent on climbing, level after level, a tower built by the architect, into which the last people survived to a mysterious world catastrophe. Our peculiar protagonist will be able to face his fearsome enemies both on a material level and within cyberspace, all accompanied by a pressing synthwave-style soundtrack.

Leaving you to watch the gameplay video, we remind you that Ghostrunner will be released next year on PC (via Steam), PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. What do you think of the title developed by One More Level?