The Waylanders: A Celtic Rpg Inspired by Baldur’s Gate, with Avellone to Writing


From the Gato Studio team comes the announcement trailer for The Waylanders, an RPG with an intriguing setting, inspired by the great classics of the genre and boasting exceptional collaborations.

Rather surprisingly, the announcement of a new videogame project comes from the decidedly interesting premises. The Gato Studio team has announced The Waylanders, a GDR with a setting linked to the Celtic universe that mentions between its sources of inspiration Baldur’s Gate and Dragon: Age. The premises of the narrative have their roots in a meeting between the Celtic people and their own Gods. An event that should have been celebratory turns instead into a disaster, which will bring a peaceful kingdom to become a jumble of factions ready to fight for the throne. As the protagonist, we can move through two time periods, between the Celtic and medieval ages.

The Waylanders presents some very interesting participations in its development team. The writing of the title, which boasts several possible endings, was attended by Emily Grace Buck (Lead Writer), Chris Avellone (Writer) and Mike Laidlaw (Consultant). Inon Zur, the main theme composer for Fallout and an Emmy winner, worked on the soundtrack of the game. A varied party will accompany you on your adventure, in full GDR tradition. We can also discover the past of our comrades or start with their relationships. At the beginning of this news, find the trailer of the announcement of The Waylanders, while at the bottom you can find some first images taken from the Steam card: what do you think?

The Gato Studio game does not have a specific launch date yet, but it is expected on PC during 2020.